Monday, April 30, 2012

Epic? What do you know about epic?

The Lord of the Rings had some big battles. The attack on the second Death Star gathered a massive armada of ships to combat the Empire. But those are mere child's play. Well, actually the child's play is below.

Just weeks ago, the forces of evil gathered, pulling their team from all over.

 Leading them? Magneto, from the Marvel X-Men comics. His right-hand man? A Star Wars Imperial Guard. The foot soldier? A guard from the original Tron universe.

 More from the rogue's gallery? Firefly, a Cobra agent and enemy of GI Joe. Bossk. Notorious bounty hunter from Star Wars who vied for the chance to catch Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. And finally, some crazy looking dude from the DC Universe whose name escapes me.

The force of heroes opposing them was as varied and eclectic as their foes. First, a guy from GI Joe. Tracker, was his code name, I think. From DC, Crystar, the Crystal Warrior. A generic soldier from the 80s that I painted orange for some reason. Another Joe named Airborne. From Marvel - Wolverine of the X-Men. Batman, with a sword. and another Joe named Clutch. Oh and the good guys have a vehicle from Star Wars.
There were others involved, but suffice it to say their background were just as far-reaching as the ones I mentioned. I'll spare you the details. There was punching, shooting, slashing.
  Missiles were fired. Evil villains lied, cheated and stole in order to win.
Oh. The bad guys had a dog.
So, how did it end? Well. You know. Good triumphed over evil, the bad guys were defeated, blah, blah, blah.
 The important part, the detail I remember, is how much fun I had developing military strategy with the mastermind behind the whole devious plot.


ShadowFalcon said...

Love it!

Martin Willoughby said...

One cool dude with an imagination the size of Texas.

Anonymous said...

Epic, i remembered all of them. ^^